MFC Philosophy

MFC Vision Statement
We act with knowledge, strength, integrity and compassion to bring excellence to building.

We leave our clients understanding more about their built environment and knowing they have received the highest quality assistance with their building issues.

MFC Mission Statement
MFC will find out the truth about buildings and answer the hard questions.

MFC will create and communicate high quality work, understandable by the lay person and the professional in order to be a highly sought after multi-service consultancy in the arenas of construction and construction disputes.

Our Business is Buildings
We study, design, inspect, estimate costs, form opinions and advise on matters involving the construction of “The Built Environment.”  We think of our homes and stores, factories and offices, the public and private places that we build as The Built Environment.  Most of us spend the majority of our lives indoors.  Even the most outdoor loving person will have some habitat, some place to go in inclement weather.  We believe in upholding the high standards that our society sets for its buildings.

We at Myles F. Corcoran Construction Consulting, Inc. help people see and understand buildings.  We are very proud of our ability to communicate our assessments of very complex construction matters.  We use clear, concise language, get to the point and always back our findings.

We are dedicated to:

1. The thorough discovery of the facts.
We excel in the investigation and discovery of the facts in nearly every situation.  We come to Site Inspections prepared and thoroughly document our observations through photos, video and notes.  We do outstanding investigative and forensic testing and reconstruction.  Over the years, we have developed  many industry resources to aide us in our investigations.  A favorite saying in our office is “Question your assumptions.”  We keep looking until we are satisfied that we have all of the facts we can find within the budget of the project.

2. The careful assessment of the expectations.
We carefully review and delineate expectations between parties.  We review documentation that pertains to the work in question, for example the contract, plans, specifications, change orders, historical files and records, correspondences, photographs, job video, applicable codes, industry standards, material expectations and even weather patterns as possible. We believe that clear expectations facilitate almost any project.

3. The reasonable scope of work, if any.
MFC has many years of construction repair experience as damaged building repair and waterproofing specialists.  We recommend and design clearly defined, realistic repairs, retrofits and specialty construction.  We know how to surgically repair when appropriate; we also know when repair is not possible.  We recommend assemblies and systems that perform over time.  We utilize the expert assistance of professionals and colleagues who design, specify and build.  We can project and devise realistic project schedules that can be relied on.  Most importantly, we can clearly communicate what we suggest.

4. The accurate probable costs.
MFC knows how to realistically and accurately estimate construction costs.  We rely on our own long experience and continual research into current costs.  Since 1986, our cost database has remained current using Xactware’s Xactimate Regional & National Construction Cost Databases.  Our in-house conceptual estimates range from to-the-penny precision to ballpark professional conjecture, depending on your project’s needs and budget.

5. The fair analysis of responsibility.
We consider who took part in the work.  In the course of our work we are often asked to assess the level of responsibility, if any, that various parties may have.  We do this with great care and a strong sense of fairness.  We consider the specific assembly and the work process involved in its construction.

6. The professional means and methods of construction.
As Owner Representatives, Project Managers or Project Advisers, we can assist both Owners and Builders to get the work done properly, on time and within budget.

7. The fair settlement of disputes.
As professional construction Arbitrators, Mediators and Dispute Review Board members, we can help you resolve construction disputes quickly, fairly and for much less than it might cost to take the matter to court.  Mr. Corcoran has been involved with over 700 dispute cases in which he has assisted Owners and Builders come to resolution.   By hiring MFC, you will have a highly accomplished and knowledgeable professional who can either bring the dispute to a reasonable solution as a Mediator or make a fair decision as an Arbitrator.