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MFC News Fall 2015 – California Courts of Appeal Disagree on Right to Repair Act

MFC News Summer 2015 – Considering the Berkeley Balcony Collapse

MFC News Winter 2015 – An Unexpected Benefit of Hiring Subcontractors


MFC News Spring 2014 – New Law – CSLB Can Sanction Fraudulent License Use

MFC News Summer 2014 – What Do You Think Causes Construction Claims and Disputes?  Think Again.

MFC News Fall 2014 – Is Santa Cruz County Prepared for the Next Big Earthquake?

MFC News Winter 2014Defending Stucco Defect Allegations


MFC News Spring 2013 – Wrap-up Policies: Who Needs One?

MFC News Summer 2013 – New Sample Report Resolves $900,000 Construction Defect Litigation

MFC News Fall 2013 – Appellate Court “Options” SB800

MFC News Winter 2013 – Why You Need to Pay Attention to Social Media Right Now!


MFC News Spring 2012 – LLCs May Now Apply for State Contractors Licenses

MFC News Summer 2012 – July 1, 2012 Changes to Mechanics Lien Laws

MFC News Fall 2012 – Upcoming Changes to California’s Indemnity Laws: Do Not Be Caught Off-Guard

MFC News Winter 2012 – California Legislature Extends Prohibition Against Type I Indemnity Provisions to Commercial Construction


MFC News Spring 2011 – Window Specification Requires Balance

MFC News Summer 2011 – Defective Work of Subcontractor Covered Under Prime Contractor CGL Policy

MFC News Fall 2011 – EPA Releases Changes to RRP Rule

MFC News Winter 2011 – New Cases Confirm Harsh Penalties for Unlicensed Contractors


MFC News Spring 2010 – The Perils of Hiring Uninsured Laborers

MFC News Summer 2010 – New Lead Laws Contractors Must Follow

MFC News Fall 2010 – CALGreen Code Goes Into Effect January 1, 2011

MFC News Winter 2010 – Anatomy of a Leak: Worst Case Scenario


MFC News Spring 2009 – The Important and Necessary Role of the Owner’s Representative

MFC News Summer 2009Wright v. Isaak: The Importance of Having All Your Workers on WCI

MFC News Fall 2009 – Window Installation Standards: Do They Exist?

MFC News Winter 2009 – Weather Resistive Barriers


MFC News Spring 2008 – PowrFab, Producer of Stainless Steel Joist Hangers

MFC News Summer 2008 – Free Energy Education Offered by PG&E

MFC News Fall 2008 – Water Testing on the Small Project


MFC News Spring 2007 – Title 7 (SB-800) – A Consultant’s View

MFC News Summer 2007 – Construction Fires: Are You at Risk?

MFC News Winter 2007 – SureSill Integrated Flashing System


MFC News Spring 2006 – Flashing Products for Vertical Wall Penetrations

MFC News Summer 2006 – Weatherproofing Stucco

MFC News Fall 2006 – Weatherize Your Home to Stop Air (heat) Leaks

MFC News Winter 2006 – Home Suffocation Symdrome


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