For Adjusters

Litigation Support/Expert Witness
Experience.  Professionalism.  Credentials.  We stand apart from our competition.  We handle both Plaintiff and Defense cases and are respected opponents.  We get 99% of our business from referrals, including referrals from attorneys previously on the other side of a case.

Forensic Testing
For Construction Defect cases, we are professionals with the tools and techniques you need. We disassemble and test defective structures including careful photo and note documentation in our process to preserve an objective record.

Code Compliance and Safety Analysis
Personal Injury cases often require a determination if there is a code compliance infraction or not. MFC Inspector Consultants have completed college courses on the International Building Codes (adopted by the California Building Codes), in order to deepen and update their understanding of the current building codes in use throughout the industry. They are also certified by the ICC as building inspectors.

Construction Estimates
To settle the case, you need a scope of repair with professional estimated costs attached to it. MFC is your source for detailed, easy-to-understand repair estimates. We can create a bid package for multiple general contractors to give us real numbers. Our in-house conceptual estimates range from to-the-penny precision to ballpark professional conjecture, depending on your cases’s needs and budget.