For Attorneys

Evaluating whether or not the claimed damages are enough to make a lawsuit worth the expense and effort?  MFC sorts through the claims and counterclaims to identify which are supported by building code, contract terms, and industry standard of care.  We will explain which claims are too subjective to be the foundation of a lawsuit or countersuit.  MFC can  identify additional construction-related issues not yet considered by others.  MFC generates cost analyses and scopes of repair to validate (or refute) completed repairs.  MFC estimates future, necessary repair costs to set a preliminary value for the claim (or counterclaim).

We can tell the story of your client’s building in a way that convinces the other side and, if necessary, a jury.  We present compelling evidence in an organized manner.  Our clients tell us that they admire our integrity, that we are credible.

Typically contractors know their trades and their costs.  To that knowledge, MFC adds the services of an established construction consulting firm:
•    strong written and verbal communication skills
•    public speaking experience
•    specific knowledge of building code and code adoption dates
•    composure under direct challenge
•    readiness to testify
•    responsive support staff
•    on-going hands-on design and construction experience

MFC’s excellent credentials speak for themselves.  Our credentials as of 1/2021:

  • more than 51 formal Mediations
  • more than 35 Arbitrations
  • numerous Expert Witness Meetings and Settlement Conferences
  • over 55 Depositions as expert witness,
  • Testimony at Trial 15 times
  • preparation for Trial in many matters which settled pre-Testimony

Litigation Support/Expert Witness
Experience, professionalism and credentials are what set MFC apart from our competition. We handle both Plaintiff and Defense cases and are respected opponents.  The overwhelming majority of our business comes from referrals, including referrals from Attorneys previously on the other side of a case.

Forensic Testing
For Construction Defect cases, we are the professionals with the tools and techniques you need. We carefully disassemble and test defective structures, meticulously document our inspections with photos, video and notes and diligently create and maintain complete and objective records.

Code Compliance and Safety Analysis
Your client owns a building where someone has tripped and fallen on the stairs at night. You need to know if the stairs and lighting are in compliance with the applicable building codes.  In another case, your client is a tenant who suspects that the electrical wiring is incorrect, possibly dangerous. Our inspectors will investigate and report on code violations and defects as they apply to your building.

Construction Estimates
To settle the case, you need a scope of repair with professional estimated costs attached to it. MFC is your source for detailed, easy-to-understand repair estimates. We can create a bid package for multiple builders to give us real numbers. Our staff brings decades of combined cost estimating experience to the table. Our in-house conceptual estimates range from to-the-penny precision to ballpark professional conjecture, depending on your case’s needs and budget.