Construction Estimates

Call MFC when you need to know how much your construction defect issues will cost to repair.  Some attorneys are only looking for a rough idea of the values involved.  Some need more detailed estimating. Your case may require a highly accurate cost analysis.

Since 1983, Myles F. Corcoran has been writing estimates that range from professional “guesstimates” to highly detailed, line item, take off estimates and everything in between.  MFC staff bring decades of experience and expertise to each estimate we generate. Our degree of accuracy will match the level of precision you request.

Accurate construction estimating requires knowing what is being built.  With a basic, conceptual description of a scope of work, MFC can provide a rough idea of the cost to build.  One of our standard estimating methods is using Xactimate, the software used by 80% of insurance-repair contractors and insurance adjusters to determine the cost of repairs to existing structures.  For highly accurate cost estimating, MFC first works with clients to develop a detailed Scope of Work and a formal Request for Bid package.  Our Request for Bid package positions you to put the project out to bid and obtain contract-ready bids from licensed and insured contractors.  In our expert witness work, detailed scopes of repair and cost estimates are essential in communicating realistic repair scenarios to all parties.

Attorneys can call us at the beginning of a case to get an early idea of the construction costs involved or later when compelling, detailed numbers are needed to reach a settlement.  We write our estimates with the final user in mind, always wanting to communicate clearly for the builders, the insurance adjusters, the layperson or the judge.