Forensic Testing

For MFC, forensic testing is part of the bigger picture of identifying real problems and realistic solutions. Using a multifaceted approach, we perform series of tests to understand exactly what is going on with the building at hand.

We are equipped and trained to perform a range of water tests, from simple to conforming-to-ASTM-Standards.  Whether on windows, walls, doors, rooftops, flashings or decks, depending on your case’s needs, we look for how building components respond to the elements. These recorded tests are the evidence you need for your case.

We frequently provide destructive testing for stucco, windows, roofs, etc., to find out how far the damage goes, where a problem is coming from and how to solve it in the most effective way possible. MFC can provide Borescope observation, vapor transmission testing (calcium chloride), level surveys and hardscape crack monitoring, to name a few.

MFC also provides preliminary mold and air quality testing.  Our level of testing and inspecting will reveal whether or not you have elevated counts of mold growth inside the building in question.  These results can then inform you if a mold study performed by a professional industrial hygienist is warranted.