Waterproofing Design and Details

CroppedDeckEdgeSketchUpOur clients who are builders tell us they need clear, reliable details and that they prefer MFC details to others they’ve seen or used. When you have a tough-to-build situation (a complex deck over living space, window installations at a high-exposure site, etc.), the advice of someone who’s seen and learned from thousands of failed assemblies can be vital.  You know how to build it, but are you sure it will be watertight? Are you certain which manufacturers’ products and materials to use to protect the building from water intrusion damage and also to protect your business from litigation?

From MFC’s extensive experience, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

We examine your assembly or review your plans, then design the custom details you need to build those challenging projects. We also offer on-site demonstrations of complex installations to your crews and quality assurance throughout. MFC provides recommendations for a wide variety of assemblies and detailed graphics with step-by-step installation guidelines for your crews to use in the field or for training.

We find that many plans lack waterproofing details for difficult assemblies (i.e. junctures of dissimilar materials, corners, penetrations) and leave the contractor to “figure it out” in the field. Some builders have developed an excellent understanding of proper waterproofing techniques, but few have the time to research new methods and new materials. For example, using sealants that are compatible with the materials they are in contact with is an on-going challenge, but how many builders have you seen take the time to set up sample installations on a project before proceeding with project-wide use?

MFC consultants work with designers and builders to ensure excellent weatherization techniques as well as specifications tailored to each project.