For Property Managers / HOAs

MFC understands that a primary function of most Homeowner’s Associations is to protect the value of your community.  We also understand that HOA board officers and members are volunteers, often juggling full time employment, family life and their HOA responsibilities.  Many times, efficient construction project management is sacrificed simply because of a lack of time and personnel.

MFC can help your community preserve, and in some cases improve its value.  Some of our project management services include overseeing Requests for Bid, vetting prospective builders, reporting on potential pitfalls before they occur, coordinating with your chosen builder on tough to design waterproofing details, bill review and quality assurance of the work at hand.

MFC supports your HOA when a construction situation develops outside of your Reserve Study’s time line and budget.  An unpleasant odor coming from the sink has your plumbing specialist stumped.  An owner discovers a leak that could be prematurely worn out materials or a construction defect.  A new construction project next door has raised concerns about your building being damaged during the build process, such as cracks in your stucco caused by their foundation work.

Sometimes, simply communicating through a liaison who understands the position of the HOA as well as the logistical challenges of the builder is what a project needs to stay on track.  MFC’s Inspector/Consultants offer objective and insightful advice to builders and associations that is always in the best interest of the building.

We fill in the construction knowledge gap between HOA members and the Property Management company.  We know that when problems arise, owners/tenants, HOAs and Property Managers all want the issue fixed quickly and properly.  Let MFC help you find the best solution for your construction challenges.

Construction Advice, Inspections, Estimating and Forensic Testing
Water is seeping in around a window. A basement smells musty. The two year-old deck is leaking into the kitchen ceiling. When something goes wrong with a building, we know the science of testing failing structures. We inspect and test, then design a fix. We document our process in order to preserve an accurate record. We figure out the problem and the fix, giving you peace of mind.

Construction Estimates
MFC is your source for detailed, easy-to-understand repair estimates. We can create a bid package for multiple general contractors to give us real numbers. Our in-house conceptual estimates range from to-the-penny precision to ballpark professional conjecture, depending on your case’s needs and budget.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Whether in the middle or at the end of construction, when the Owner/Builder relationship is not working as it should, projects can run off course.  MFC can get your project back on track. We have experience helping people side step the blame game, to get to the heart of the issue and design a fix that works. We’ll come on site and be the neutral “voice of reason,” able to communicate with all parties to work out a resolution.