For Property Owners

When you find yourself in a construction dispute or problem for the first  time, rely on MFC.  We have helped hundreds of property owners get through what you are experiencing.

Owners tell us they appreciate our honesty and the way we communicate to let them know exactly where they stand.

MFC can be instrumental in the success of your construction project. We’ve seen first hand the failed assemblies that don’t work and use this experience to your benefit. We are specialists and our experience, research and testing go beyond what most Contractors are able to do. Build right the first time with MFC on your construction team.

Owners’ Representative
Over the past two decades, we have seen homeowners spend millions of dollars in litigation and repair costs, often after prolonged, difficult disputes – and sometimes without recouping it all.  What is your time and peace of mind worth?  Having MFC on your team as you build will go a long way towards avoiding these issues and give you confidence that your structure is going to perform well over time.

We save you money by avoiding costly mistakes and expensive re-work. We assure your builder’s craftsmanship is top quality and built to last. If you are starting a large project, hire MFC’s decades of specialized construction experience to be sure your project is done right. MFC can provide custom details, correct sequencing and timing, as well as excellent communication with each building professional involved.

Construction Advice, Inspections, Estimating and Forensic Testing
Water is seeping in around a window. A basement smells musty. The two year-old deck is leaking into the kitchen ceiling. When something goes wrong with a building, we know the science of testing failing structures. We inspect and test, then design a fix. We document our process in order to preserve an accurate record. We figure out the problem and the fix, giving you peace of mind.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Whether in the middle or at the end of construction, when the Owner/Builder relationship is not working as it should, projects can run off course.  MFC can get your project back on track. We have experience helping people side step the blame game, to get to the heart of the issue and design a fix that works. We’ll come on site and be the neutral “voice of reason,” able to communicate with all parties to work out a resolution.

You have a problem with your construction project. Work has stopped. You have paid a lot of money. Trust has broken down. MFC Mediators create a safe, structured, private environment that allows for real communication in even the most complex and contentious situations. You keep control of the outcome. MFC Mediators work to find common ground previously thought non-existent.

Are you worried about the cost of years of legal bills and time out of your life to get through this dispute? MFC Arbitration offers a legally-binding decision will be made by an MFC Arbitrator who is an objective construction expert. The session will be private and generally faster and less expensive than going to court.