Owner’s Representative

When would you, the Owner, typically contract our services?

1) You’ve lost trust with the construction professionals you are working with.

2) You do not have the construction expertise necessary to look out for your interests and make sure it is done right.

3) You could competently monitor your own construction project, but you are too busy to be on the job site this time while meeting your other full-time commitments.

MFC provides a full range of construction project assistance as owner’s representative:

  • construction advice
  • scope specifying
  • design of complex waterproofing details
  • putting your project out to bid
  • advice regarding obtaining a proper and fair contract with your builder
  • monitoring your building process using periodic site inspections at pre-planned construction milestones or on an on-call basis

Be sure that you have a highly experienced construction expert on the job who is focused on your interests and your construction project’s quality.