I am not sure who will see this – my first “blog.”  I hope it is you.

First I would like to welcome you to our new website!  Clif Wooten, of MFC, has worked hard to port our existing website over to a new format so that we no longer need to bother my dear daughter with every little change we want to make.

I will take this space to thank my daughter for all of her hard work – that has nothing at all to do with her professional life – for creating and maintain our beautiful web site for so many years!  I do not recall when we first went on line.  I have files in the web folder going back to 1996.  Thank you Julia!

I look forward to being able to get in here and make a comment now and then about buildings.  Clif has posted two recent publications from our office.  I hope that you take a look at Micah’s fun, and informative, video and my article on the tragic Berkeley balcony collapse.

And I hope you will consider coming to our open house on Wednesday October 14th – doors open at 4:30PM.

In the mean time: remember us when you are getting ready to build new or add on and or when you have a problem with your building.

We can also help when you are in a dispute about a building and want fair and knowledgeable assistance from a neutral – to Mediate or Arbitrate the issues between builders or owners and builders.  We pride ourselves on being able to find a way through your complex disagreements to an fair result.


Very truly yours,


Myles F. Corcoran, CEO